farming to teach

Sprout is a learning and incubation farm


our farm experience

Instead of just growing food, we experience it- we have Learning Gardens.  We teach and observe the growth process. We involve children in the life cycle of food production, and help them to understanding their relationship to Earth and its bounty.  We host animals on our farm to teach concepts like textile production, and the life cycle of egg incubation. Our larger animals are land managers, helping to keep our grounds mowed and our soil fertilized.  

In short, we have an intentional farm experience.  We are not a large production operation and we are not a petting zoo.  We are a small, intentional farm offering an experiential environment. Our grounds are beautiful and serene, to be enjoyed for its bucolic simplicity, or embraced as an ecosystem for learning.

We incubate new ideas by creating exhibit-like spaces to try new things and expand the scope of our program.  We dabble in different types of farming, including mycology, vermiculture, native pollinator spaces, and annual vs. perennial gardens to teach different facets of the farming experience.