we farm

We are a new farm, breaking ground and sowing seed.


What We Grow


We are a new farm operation so this summer the focus on the farm is fall garden preparation.  We will be growing a few different summer variety vegetables in our educational vegetable garden but will mostly be focusing on cover crops for our fall garden spaces.


Sprout will be growing a variety of fall fresh and storage vegetables, herbs and late blooming flowers. We may also have some specialty fall crops available toward the end of the season.  Check in often and see what is new in the garden!


We strive at Sprout to produce healthy food for our community.  We base our gardens and land management on Organic and Naturally Grown practices that are free from chemical sprays and fertilizers. We strive for low impact and low till practices that put the health of the land and soil as top priority.  We believe that the soil and land should be respected and taken care of for future generations to come. Come out to the farm and learn how to produce healthy food for you and your family!